Transformational Development & Leadership

Connecting you to your greatest potential and vision, enhancing personal presence and performance. Developing your ability through experiential sessions to work transformatively with remarkable results.

"You enabled me to have a light-bulb moment."
"Best session of whole conference, challenging and stimulating."
"I feel so much more alive, energised and back to my full power. My limiting beliefs have gone"

Transforming leaders, teams, individuals and communities to create thriving, sustainable organisations with, vibrant, fulfilled people.

"When people in leadership positions begin to serve a vision infused with a larger purpose, their work naturally shifts from producing results to encouraging the growth of people who produce results." Presence

"A brilliant team of transformative trainers and coaches. Taking people graciously into the realms of leaderful brilliance and creative endeavour. They're passionate, great fun to be with and dive into new territory to unleash the potential that waits for us there." Soleira Green

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Ghandi
"Organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of leaders. Organisations do not transform, people do!" Richard Barrett

Connectiveness delivers a range of experiential programmes and sessions in transformational development, specifically designed for individuals, coaches, teams, and leaders from all sectors.   We offer a ground breaking body of work using a unique combination of powerful techniques which can easily be integrated into your daily life and existing practice.   Through mastering these simple techniques you rewire your brain shifting to a new effective operating system and are able to be fully present, in flow and consciously aware, tapping into Quantum Intelligence which ignites your inspiration, passion and vision and enables you to bring potential into reality.  This involves working at all levels including energetically and these techniques offer the keys to taking your work to a transformational level enabling you and the people you connect with to bring transformation to your life and the world of business, organisations and society as a whole.  Most of us have had the delight of experiencing this state of being some of the time but imagine if this was accessible to you at will.

The Connectiveness partnership draws on a wealth of experience from business, public sector, NFP’s, coaching, psychology, body and energy work to professionally deliver their powerful work.  This approach is experiential; as a first step, relax for a moment, take two deep breaths and look into this beautiful sky.  Notice how you feel now.

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